Forklift Operator/Yard Team Leader

Forklift Operator/Yard Team Leader
Ocean View-IM1
Position Type: Full Time - Permanent
Proper and safe operation of the forklift to ensure safe and timely moving, blocking and placement of all vessels on the sales lot, service facility and in water Place vessels safely into to high and dry storage, if applicable Properly secure vessels to docks, seawalls, etc Proper and safe use of slings/shackles ensuring safe movements Places keel blocks, boat stands and support blocks under vessel appropriate to the size of the boat Slides and positions hull support blocks and frames against boat bottom for vertical support Mounts propellers on shafts to prepare boats for launching, when applicable Ensure all drain plugs or water pickups are secure, when applicable Power-wash vessels when removed from salt/fresh water Proper and safe operation of vessels while maneuvering in/out of marina. Assist customers while docking, tying, boarding and unboarding vessels providing professional customer service Monitoring gauges, dials and other indicators to make sure machinery/equipment is working properly. Checks equipment daily for proper fluid levels and general operation including hydraulic lines and hydraulic fittings, forks and straps condition, report any maintenance/repair issues to management Report any needed dock repairs to proper management, including electrical, water, lines and dock boards. Assist with boat shows and other on/off-site promotions Coordinate all yard activities; Sales and Service Maintain an organized and professional showroom and yard Load and unload all deliveries Verify serial numbers of all deliveries to ensure a match Provide vehicle and equipment maintenance Safe operation of all company vehicles and equipment including trailer handling Oversee the delivery of product to customer, lending assistance when needed Assist with set up of boat shows and other on/off-site promotional events. Direct Yard Team members to ensure all duties are performed correctly and timely Assist manager with training of yard team members Assist with appraisal performances of yard team members and with addressing complaints and resolving problems Responsible for reporting all boat or equipment damage to the Sales or Service Manager Other duties as assigned PM17 OVERVIEW: Safely operates forklift to move vessels in and out of the water. Also moves land based vessels to designated work, storage or sales areas. The Yard Team Leader is responsible for coordinating and maintaining an efficient flow of traffic for all departments and maintaining an organized yard and showroom with operable equipment. Equal Opportunity Employer Minorities/Women/Protected Veterans/Disabled


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